Many mothers start to worry about cleaning during confinement before giving birth to a baby. Is it really necessary to not wash hair and bathe for a month, as the old people say? How can young mothers who love clean take it? Can't clean your body like usual?

1. Clean from scratch

During childbirth, the mother will sweat a lot, and the sweat will increase after childbirth, and the scalp and hair of the new mother will become very dirty. At this time, if you don’t wash your hair according to the old rules, the smell is not considered unpleasant, and it may also cause bacterial infection and cause hair loss, hair breakage or split ends. Therefore, during the confinement period, as long as the health of the new mother allows, you can wash your hair.

How to clean your scalp:
Warm medicinal alcohol over water, then wet it with absorbent cotton, separate your hair, wipe your scalp back and forth, left and right, massage your head with your hands a little, and then use a comb to brush off the dirt. Mothers can wipe once a day at noon, and then comb their hair with a soft comb, so that the blood in the head is smooth and the brain is fresh.

1. Massage the scalp with finger pulp when shampooing, and dry it with a hair dryer immediately after washing to avoid being hit by cold air.
2. The water temperature when shampooing should be appropriate, not too cold, preferably around 37°C.
3. Do not use shampoo products that are too harsh.
4. It is best for new mothers to use a wooden comb to comb their hair to avoid static electricity and stimulate the scalp.
If the weather is too cold or the conditions at home are not suitable for shampooing, new mothers can replace shampooing with regular scalp cleaning.

2. Take a bath first and then take a bath

Timely cleaning of the body after childbirth has the effect of promoting blood circulation and promoting qi, which can help new mothers relieve labor fatigue and maintain a comfortable mood. However, in the first few days after giving birth, some mothers are relatively weak, and some have large wounds, serious lacerations or incisions in the abdomen. In this case, you can take a bath first. Wait for the wound to heal almost before taking a shower.

How to take a shower:
Add 10cc of medicinal alcohol and 10g of salt to boiled water, and mix it into a bath water. Wet it with a towel, twist it dry, and gently wipe the mother's stomach and places that sweat a lot. In summer, it can be used early and in the middle of the day. , wipe once at night, if the weather is cooler, then wipe once at noon.

When the mother's strength is almost recovered, you can start the shower. Do not empty stomach when showering to prevent hypoglycemia; do not overheat the water to avoid over-congestion of blood vessels in the whole body, resulting in dizziness due to insufficient blood supply to the head. In addition, you should pay attention to the air circulation in the bathroom, and don't be afraid of the lack of oxygen caused by the wind blowing.

1. The temperature of the bath water for mothers should be kept at about 35℃-37℃. Even in summer, cooler water should not be used to avoid poor discharge of lochia, which may cause abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, and body pain in the future.
2. The mother should not take a bath in a tub. The time of each bath should not be too long, usually 5-10 minutes.