The analysis of women's physical attributes and their applicable foods is as follows:

1. Cold constitution
Characteristics: pale complexion, fear of cold or cold limbs, pale mouth but not thirst, loose stools, frequent urination, multi-colored pale, clear phlegm and saliva, clear nasal discharge, white tongue coating, easy to catch colds.

Applicable food: The puerperae with this constitution should eat warm and nourishing food, such as sesame oil chicken, shochu chicken, Siwu soup, Siwu chicken or Shiquan Dabu soup, etc. In principle, it should not be too oily to avoid diarrhea. Eating warm tonic food or medicinal tonic can promote blood circulation and achieve the purpose of nourishing both qi and blood, and the muscles and bones are less likely to be sprained, and the lower back will be less sore.

Avoid: Cold fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, grapefruit, pear, star fruit, orange, tomato, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, etc.

Appropriate food: lychees, longan, apples, strawberries, cherries, grapes.

2. Hot physique
Characteristics: red face and red eyes, heat intolerance, heat in the limbs or hands, feet and heart, dry or bitter mouth, hard and dry stool or constipation, thick yellow phlegm and mucus, little urine, yellow and red odor, yellow or dry tongue coating, red tongue Red, easy to break, skin prone to acne or hemorrhoids embolism.

Applicable food: It is not advisable to eat more sesame oil chicken; when cooking sesame oil chicken, the amount of ginger and sesame oil should be reduced, and the amount of wine should be used less. It is advisable to use food to nourish, such as yam chicken, black glutinous rice, fish soup, pork ribs soup, etc. Vegetables can choose loofah, winter melon, lotus root, etc. to reduce fire, or eat green vegetable tofu soup to reduce anger. People with backache can cook pork loin soup with fried Eucommia five bucks, so that they won't get angry.

It is not advisable to eat more: lychee, longan, apple.

Eat small amounts: oranges, strawberries, cherries, grapes.

3. Neutral physique
Features: neither hot nor cold, not particularly dry mouth, no special disease that often occurs.

Applicable food: It is easier to choose in the diet, and it can be crossed with food supplements and medicinal supplements, and there is no special problem. If you have dry mouth, bitterness in your mouth or pimples after filling, stop taking the medicine and eat some of the above-mentioned vegetables that reduce heat, or drink a small glass of pure diced juice or pure grape juice without ice.