01.  Confinement meal preparation

  • Cooking according to four stages of different dishes
  • Daily five exquisite meals (early lunch and dinner + two snacks)
  • Tonic and herbal meals are stewed in four stages (including tea,
  • Chinese herbal medicines and herbal stews)

02.  Postpartum care

  • Breastfeeding correct knowledge consultation
  • Breast care, breast enlargement treatment
  • Lactation massage technique guide
  • Uterine massage (no massage required for caesarean section)
  • Assist in tying the girdle
  • Daily observation of postpartum physiological changes
  • Take a bath with wind grass or ginger water (to dispel cold and remove moisture)

03.  Newborn care

  • Feeding, bottle feeding bottle cleaning, disinfection
  • Oral cleaning, massage gums
  • Bath, umbilical cord care
  • Diapers are checked and changed from time to time

04.  Simple housework

  • Clothes washing, drying, folding
  • ( newborn machine washing )
  • Reimbursement for grocery shopping
  • ( The purchasing time is included in the service time )
  • confinement room, bathroom, kitchen cleaning
  • Trash and barbage