Yes, confinement nannies often take on the responsibility of cooking confinement meals for the new mother during the postpartum period. These meals are typically designed to provide nutrition and promote recovery after childbirth. The specific recipes and ingredients used may very depending on cultural practices and individual preferences.

In addition to cooking, confinement nannies can also provide guidance and support in infant care. This may include teaching the mother about proper feeding technique, burping, bathing and soothing the baby. However, its important to note that the level of involvement in infant training can very based on the prefereces of the parents.

If the parents are open to following the guidance and advice of the confinement nanny, she can provide additional training and assistance in areas such as establishing sleep routines, implementing feeding schedules, and addressing common newborn challenges. However, if the parents have their own preferred approach or choose to follow the advice of  doctors or parenting books, the nanny will respect those decisions and provide support accordingly.

Ultimately, the role of the confinement nanny is to support and assist the new mother during the postpartum period. both in terms of her own recovery and in caring for the newborn. The specific duties and boundaries can be discussed and agreed upon between the nanny and the familly to ensure a harmonious and beneficial arrangement.