Due to heavy bleeding during childbirth, sweating, backache, and abdominal pain, the puerpera consumes a lot of physical strength, and the qi, blood, and muscles and bones are very weak. To restore health. The purpose of confinement is to do moderate exercise and recuperation, proper dietary supplements and dietary therapy during this period, so that the uterus can return to the size before delivery, and the qi and blood can also be restored after conditioning, even better than before. Slowly change the bad constitution during this time.

In the process of confinement, it is actually a process of recovery of the mother's entire reproductive system. Poor recovery will affect the health of the mother.

Prenatal pregnant women are responsible for the nutrients needed for fetal growth and development, and a series of adaptive changes will occur in various systems of the mother. Uterine muscle cells hypertrophy, proliferate, and lengthen, the burden on the heart increases, and the burden on the lungs also increases. During pregnancy, the kidneys also increase slightly, the ureters become thicker, the muscle tension decreases, and peristalsis is weakened. Others such as intestinal bone endocrine, skin, bone, joints, ligaments, etc. will undergo corresponding changes. After the fetus is delivered, the maternal organs return to their prenatal state. The wounds of the uterus, perineum, and vagina will heal, the uterus will shrink, the diaphragm will descend, the heart will recover, and the pulled loose skin, joints, and ligaments will return to normal. Whether these forms, positions and functions can be restored depends on the nursing care of the mother during confinement. If it is properly maintained, the recovery will be faster and there will be no future troubles.